Rosa Barks has one serious kickass personality. We picked her from a litter of what we thought was going to be Bulldogs but when we got to the farm we found out they were Valley Bulldogs (Boxer and English Bulldog mix).


We had researched the Bulldog breed, but not the Boxer. We didn’t know what we were in for. But once we saw these puppies, we didn’t care what we didn’t know.


We were torn between a male who was quiet, shy and hung out in the corner – the underdog. Then there was Rosa Barks – she was off exploring on her own and yelping at everything in her path. She was our pick of the litter – the independent, fierce and spunky one.

The Boxer in her is strong; the Bulldog subtle. Her crazy, never-ending energy was unexpected but it’s what we love most about her. She’s a loyal snuggler. A smelly farter. A curious explorer. A playful joker. And sometimes, a bit (or A LOT) of an asshole. 

Her antics, behaviour and facial expressions crack us up every single day. I want to share the hilarity she brings to our lives with you. 

Rosa Barks


I’m a Haligonian living in Calgary, Alberta, with my main squeeze, my little man and my little dog too.


I have a healthy obsession with greeting cards. When I travel,

I purposely seek out stores that carry unique cards. I have a stash of cards in my spare closet for the expected and unexpected moments in life. And, I just like awesome things. 

All Free Cake cards are blank inside because I believe in writing your own personal message. Reminding people why you care and how they add value to your life is vulnerable. And we don't do it enough. The message doesn't need to be perfectly wordsmithed - just write something that's going to make the receiver feel happy. 

I sure hope you giggle and get all the feels from Free Cake. Remember to be like Rosa Barks and act a little goofy every now and then – it’s good for the heart, mind and soul.

Thanks for the visit,

Veronica Groat and Rosa Barks

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